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by Michelle Tocher

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Moon Over the Spring

Themes: Grief | Invisibility | Loss

I watch from the sky as the old night-owl flies to the window of the mountain hut. He cries, “Uhu!” three times to summon the old woman’s daughter. She steps out into the night air and walks over the meadows and into the valley. She comes to a spring with three old oaks standing beside it.

I have risen over the mountain, whole and round. I shine so much light that you could find a needle in the grass.

The old woman’s daughter removes the skin that covers her face and washes herself. When she is finished, she dips the skin into the water and lays it on the meadow to dry it in my light. Look how she has changed! No one has ever seen anything like it before! Her golden hair breaks forth like sunbeams and spreads like a mantle over her whole form. Her eyes shine bright as the stars in heaven, and her cheeks bloom a soft red like apple-blossom.

But she is sad. She weeps bitterly and her tears are pearls that roll through her long hair to the ground.

The Moon Over the Spring in The Goose Girl at the Well, Grimms. Illustration by R. Leinweber.

Moon Over the Spring