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Michelle Tocher, Your Guide

Michelle Tocher

I’m an author of six books that explore the connection between mythology and human experience.

I’m a facilitator of writing and storytelling workshops, which I have been offering since the early 1990s.

I’m a performer and public speaker who is particularly fond of telling fairy tales and making them relevant to modern adult audiences.

I’ve been an artist in residence for a number of organizations, and I have had the privilege of working with people who are recovering from illness and experiencing major life challenges.

I’m a communicator who spent fifteen years running a health promotion business and creating materials in print and video for profit and non-profit organizations.

I’m a survivor of my own health challenges, through which I have discovered the sustaining power of myth, especially fairy tales, and the writing process.

I’m a scholar with two masters degrees who has been studying narrative, psychology, and communications for thirty years. I did graduate work in the history of science and religion and then turned to journalism, communications, and storytelling.

For more information about my work and my books, please visit me at www.michelletocher.com

Gilles Gagnon, Technical Support Facilitator

Gilles-no-corsage-headshot-Gilles is the founder of True Connections Web Development. He has a background in Computer Science and has been involved in web design since 1995. He’s a fun, enthusiastic and creative manager who gets a kick out of delivering outstanding customer service. He also operates a video production company, True Connections Video Productions.

If you encounter any technical issues in the world of WonderLit, send Gilles an email and he’ll be thrilled to assist you. support@wonderlit.com