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by Michelle Tocher

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My father is weak but I am strong. I grow stronger every day. I’m like my uncle who is much stronger than my father. My uncle’s son is weak, however. Life is strange!

One day, when I was playing shinny in the field with my cousin and our foster brothers, I drove a ball too swiftly at my uncle’s weak son. He cried out that he was sorely hurt, and went home to his mother.

She has hated me every since, and thinks I mean to slay her son. She has sent me away beyond the four brown boundaries of the world. I have been left in the care of a wise man named Old Bergen who has made me a camp on top of a hill.

Here, the sun always shines, but no man can see me. Not yet.

Manus in The Story of Manus, Orange Fairy Book. Illustration by N.C. Wyeth.

king manus