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Makoma the Hero

Themes: Bondage | Escape | Power

The head of the giant rose out of the river. His long moustaches trailed up and down the channel as far as the eye could see. He said his name was Chin-debou-Mau-giri. He told me that he is the one who makes the fever-mist that hangs over the water. With it, he binds all those who come into the river so they will die.

“You cannot bind me!” I shouted, and I attacked him with my iron-hammer. In the battle, I threw my sack over his slippery head, and struck him with my hammer until he fell dead.

I have conquered many giants, and they have become my friends, but Chin-debou-Mau-giri was a destroyer. After I killed him, the spirits of my fathers came to me and they told me to travel on, to leave my conquered friends behind.

I am going to the house of Sakatirina, who has five heads. There is no man as great as he is, and therefore he is all alone. He will be pleased to meet Makoma, for my name means Greater, and I doubt he has ever met anyone greater than himself. A battle will be good for him. It will lift his spirits.

Makoma in The Story of the Hero Makoma, Orange Fairy Book. Illustration by H.J. Ford.

Makoma the Hero