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by Michelle Tocher

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Maiden Who Meets a Dark Stranger

One night, a stranger came riding to our castle. He asked if my brother and I would give him lodging for the night. We granted his request, and the man joined us for supper. He was certainly entertaining. He told amusing stories and my brother liked him so much that he begged him to spend a couple of days with us.

After some hesitation, the man agreed, and we stayed at the table until late in the night. Then my brother showed him to his room. For my part, I could not wait to lay my limbs down in my soft bed. Hardly had I fallen to sleep, however, that I heard the faint sound of beautiful music. I woke and thought of summoning my waiting-maid who slept in the next room, but to my astonishment I found that my speech had been taken away by an unknown force. I felt as if a nightmare were weighing down my chest. I could not make the slightest sound.

Then, by the light of the night-lamp, I saw the stranger enter my room through two doors which had been bolted fast. He said that he was a magician. He had made the lovely music to awaken me, and he had forced his way through my fastened door to demand my hand in marriage.

I deeply dislike the magic arts, and I refused marry him. For some time, he remained standing, apparently waiting for me to change my mind. When I did not, he declared that he would find a way to punish my pride, and he left the room in a rage.

Maiden Who Meets a Dark Stranger in The Glass Coffin, Grimms