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Magic Horse

I may live underground, but I can fly high into the air if I am ridden into battle. I can scatter the enemy in every direction and soar into the sky, making my rider look like a god.

My very dear friend is a prince who doesn’t mind working as a servant when he has to. He served the evil magician who kept me in his stable, and I gave him instructions for our escape. It wasn’t easy because we were pursued, but we threw all sorts of obstacles in the magician’s path, and finally, he and his horse sank into a river.

I carried my rider to a brook and said, “Now, you may dismount; there is nothing more to fear, for the magician is dead. Beside that brook you will find a willow wand. Gather it, and strike the earth with it.”

The prince did so, and a door opened at his feet. I told him to lead me into the underground hall. “I will stay here,” I said. I gave him directions to the king’s palace and told him to go into service. It was not yet time for his identity to be known. ‘Wrap up your golden hair,” I said, “and don’t forget me.”

He knew where to find me, and I knew he would need me in future battles.

The Magic Horse in The Magician’s Horse, Grey Fairy Book. Illustration by H.J. Ford.

Magic Horse