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by Michelle Tocher

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Long the Tall Man

Long is my name. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Me and my friends, Broad and Quickeye, we’re off to help the prince free his lady-love. Where is she? Well, she’s been locked up in an iron castle by an evil wizard.

I can get us out of the woods, that’s not a problem. All I need to do is to give myself a good stretch and I can see over the trees in every direction.

My friend Broad, here, he can make himself wide as you please. All he needs to do is inflate himself, and he’ll knock that castle down.

My other friend, Quickeye, he wears a bandage on his eyes to keep them from piercing things. He can see through anything, so don’t stand in his gaze unless you want to catch fire or explode.

Mark my words, that old wizard won’t get away with his tricks, not with us around!

Long the Tall Man in Long, Broad, and Quickeye, Grey Fairy Book. Illustration by H.J. Ford.

Long the Tall Man