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by Michelle Tocher

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I was the firstborn prince, but from the moment of my birth, my mother denied my existence. I made my way to the hills and lived off the land. I ate mice, and then I ate rodents, and then I ate lambs, and then I ate children.

When my brother set off to marry and take the throne, I confronted him on the road. Imagine his surprise when a great lindworm dropped down from the tree and hissed at him, saying, “A bride for me before a bride for you, brother!”

He turned his horses around and returned home at speed.

Only then did my mother admit my existence and acknowledge my birthright. My father arranged a marriage. She came from far away, ignorant of lindworms. I met her at the altar, and ate her on our wedding night.

The Lindworm in Prince Lindworm. Illustration by Kay Nielsen.