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by Michelle Tocher

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Kooshy Ram

Ho ho! The Beeka Mull is the worst thief in the market! That’s what I told the unhappy merchant that I befriended today. The foolish fellow gave the Beeka Mull a box of jewels for safekeeping. Of course, when he went to retrieve it, the Beeka Mull no longer recognized him. “A box of jewels? You gave me a box of jewels? Nonsense! I never take anyone’s jewels. Go away, you madman!”

Well, we will see if the Beeka Mull never takes a box of jewels. Let’s make him an offer he can’t refuse. Everyone in the marketplace will see his greed, and we’ll get the jewels back. Mark my words. We are better at this game than he is!

Kooshy Ram in Diamond Cut Diamond, Olive Fairy Book