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King with a Wild Daughter

My daughters asked me if I would bring them gifts when I returned from my tour of the country. I was only too happy to oblige, of course. My youngest daughter asked for a wreath of wildflowers, which seemed simple enough to find. However, neither the markets nor the flower shops carried wildflowers. I had to ride home without her gift. On the way, I came into a thick forest and what did I see but a white wolf squatting on the roadside wearing a wreath of wildflowers on his head!

I asked for it, and, in exchange, he asked me to give him the first thing I met on the road to the castle. Easy enough to promise. I expected to meet some wild thing, such as a bird or a deer. Surely not my daughter!

King with a Wild Daughter in The White Wolf, Grey Fairy Book. Artist Unknown.

King with a Wild Daughter