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King Sheep

Themes: Death | Rejection

I waited and waited in the forest for Miranda to return to me. But she did not come. At last I set off to the palace. At the door, I asked for Miranda. The people who came out said they had heard about the King of Sheep, and Miranda did not want to come back to me. I begged them to let me in. Let me speak with her! They ignored my pleas, and my heart broke. I fell dead at their feet.

We had known such happiness together. But it was absurd to think that I could compete with a whole town full of people who were infatuated by their darling Miranda.

She lived to please her admirers, and that is all she would ever live to be.

Death, you are kind to release me from this flock of sheep whose princess is one of the same!

King of Sheep in The Wonderful Sheep, Blue Fairy Book. Picture by Vasilisa Koverzneva.

King Sheep