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Voices in Fairy Tales

by Michelle Tocher

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I was walking in the forest with Joringel when he said, “Take care not to go too close to the enchanted castle.”

I think perhaps we had already come too close, for though it was a beautiful evening, and the sun shone brightly between the trunks of the trees, the dark green forest and the turtledoves’ mournful cooing had made my heart heavy. I was overcome with sadness, and Joringel felt it too. We burst into tears, and wept as if we both knew we were about to die.

Then we looked around and realized that we were lost in the forest. The sun was sinking below the mountain, and we had run right up against the wall of the old castle.

I began to sing in a voice that wasn’t my own …

My little bird, with the necklace red

Sings sorrow, sorrow, sorrow

He sings that the dove will soon be dead

Sings sorrow, sorrow, sorrow …

The next thing I knew, I was a bird, sitting on the branch of a tree above Joringel, who stood frozen as if he’d been turned to stone.

Jorinda in Jorinda and Joringel, Grimm. Illustration by Arthur Rackham.