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Isuro the Rabbit

When I was a young rabbit, I lived in a hot country, far away, where the forests were very thick and dark, and the rivers ran swift and strong. My best friend was a baboon named Gudu, and we were inseparable.

Then one day Gudu decided he needed to find a mate, so he made preparations for his journey. He asked me to come along with him, and so I packed some food, too.

On our journey, that tricky baboon started to show his true colors! He tricked me out of food so many times that he taught me to become tricky, too. It didn’t lead him to a good end, I’m afraid. Poor Gudu!

Isuro the Rabbit in How Isuro the Rabbit Tricked Gudu, Orange Fairy Book. Illustration by H.J. Ford.

Isuro the Rabbit