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by Michelle Tocher

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Iron Castle

I am made of iron, and I hold all the wizard’s possessions. I have recently received an army of men who have turned to stone. On the wizard’s command, the soldiers froze. One was caught in the act of running away, another was brandishing a sword, and another was raising a piece of beef to his mouth that he will never eat.

Now I am also holding an exceedingly beautiful lady who does not speak or smile. The wizard keeps her for himself.

Desolation surrounds me. Trees do not grow in this dismal place. The fields have gone brown. There is one river, but it does not flow and no fish live in it. No flowers blossom here, no birds sing. Yet the wizard crows, for he has everything under his control.

The Iron Castle in Long, Broad, and Quickeye, Grey Fairy Book. Picture by Howard Cook.

Iron Castle