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Invisible Prince

When I was born and my future was foretold, my parents were so upset by my life of perilous adventures that a Fairy comforted them by giving me a little pebble. Whenever I put the pebble in my mouth, I would become invisible.

I met many ordeals and escaped the worst of them with my pebble. But I could not escape my worst fate. I fell in love with Princess Rosalie, and no sooner had it happened than I lost her. She was spirited away by the Prince of Air who made her his captive.

I have found her, though. I have come to the palace where she has been hidden. How will I make my presence known? I will write her a letter.  I will assure her that another shares her distress, and that with all my heart I will not rest until I have delivered her from her misery.

If only I had another pebble! I could make her invisible, and we could make our escape.

The Invisible Prince in The Invisible Prince, Yellow Fairy Book. Illustration by H.J. Ford.

Invisible Prince