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by Michelle Tocher

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Horse Who Flies Over the Sea

A giant kept me in me in his stable until a fellow named Ian came along and led me out. He rode me over the sea to the island of Big Women, where we were met by sixteen lads. They were all eager to take me to the stable, but Ian said, “I myself will put her in and see to her.”

While he was rubbing me down, I spoke to him. “Those lads will offer you every kind of drink but see that you take none. Drink whey and water only.”

He followed my advice and felt pretty pleased with himself when all the others fell asleep. Sweet music filled his ears, and he dozed, forgetting the other advice I had given him: “Beware not to fall asleep, because you’ll lose the chance of getting home again.”

I broke through the stable door and kicked him roughly. “You did not heed my counsel!” I cried. “Who knows if it is too late to fly over the sea?”

Horse Who Flies Over the Sea in Ian, the Soldier’s Son, Orange Fairy Book