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by Michelle Tocher

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Honest King

The rightful heir to my father’s dominion is my stepbrother Alphege, but he has disappeared and is now thought to be dead. I wear the crown now, but it appears that Alphege’s family is plotting against me. My mother thinks I should have them put to death, but it’s hardly probable that a quiet widow and a young girl would be attempting to stage a coup.

I will not make them my enemy. Instead, I go to their house and knock on the door. The widow answers, and I demand an explanation. What is your purpose?

Who steps forward but Prince Alphege himself! He says, “It is from me that you must ask an explanation, brother.” He speaks with such grace and dignity that I respectfully kiss his hand and give him the throne to which I no longer have a claim.

The Honest King in Alphege, or The Green Monkey, Yellow Fairy Book