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Hiku Goes to Find His Lost Love

She tried to prevent me from leaving. She begged me. She locked the doors of the house. She wailed and wept. But my mother had warned me not to stay long with the people by the sea. I had already fallen in love with the hula dancing, the drums and songs, the joyful, spirited people, and the wonders of the sea … but above all, I had fallen in love with the princess Kawelu.

I fought with her late into the night, and after she fell asleep, I fought with myself. I had promised my mother that I would return to the mountain, and in the dead of the night, I escaped through a hole in the thatched house.

Not long after, the message came to me that Kawelu had died. When saw her corpse, I could not allow Milu to have her. My journey to the underworld began.

Hiku Goes to Find HIs Lost Love in Hiku and Kawelu, collected by J.S. Emerson. Illustration by David Howard Hitchcock.

Why does Hiku need to go into the underworld to recover Kawelu’s soul? Who is Hiku without Kawelu? What does Hiku without Kawelu look like in real life?