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by Michelle Tocher

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High and Mighty Tower

I am a landmark in this country. People can see me from miles away. A high and mighty princess inhabits my high apartments, and she can see the whole kingdom through my twelve windows.

Through the first window she can see more clearly than any human being, in every direction. Through the second, she can see even better, and so on it goes until she gets to the twelfth, through which she can see everything above and under the earth. Nothing escapes her sight, and so she is subject to no one.

She has had many suitors, but none of them could pass her test of concealing themselves from her sight. Shall I tell you the results of her grisly little game of hide and seek? Ninety-nine heads are stuck on posts that stand in front of me. Who would dare to challenge her?

High and Mighty Tower in The Sea-Hare, Grimms