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by Michelle Tocher

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Hall of Prisoners

My depths not been seen for a long time. My chambers are spacious, and covered with polished stones, inscribed with symbols that are known only to magicians.

Hollow places are cut into my walls, and in those places stand vases of transparent glass containing colored spirits or bluish vapors. On my floor, two large glass chests stand opposite one another. Observe that one contains a mansion surrounded by farm buildings, stables, barns, fields, meadows, and herds. You will notice that everything is tiny, but exceedingly detailed, as if the miniatures were real.

Opposite the chest lies a glass coffin, and in that coffin, you will find a sleeping maiden of rarest beauty. Her long, fair hair is wrapped in a mantle studded with precious stones. Her eyes are closed but her complexion is bright, and her breath makes a delicate ribbon dance.

Hall of Prisoners in The Glass Coffin, Grimms. Illustration by H.J. Ford.

Hall of Prisoners