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Griffin’s Wife

Not a single Christian would dare speak to my husband the Griffin. But then one day this fellow comes to the door, and when I ask him what he wants, he tells me everything that’s brought him to that spot. He wants a feather from the Griffin’s tail so he can marry the king’s daughter. He also wants to find a lost key to a castle’s money chest, a cure for a girl’s illness, a freedom for the ferryman.

I like this fellow immensely! So I say, “Look here, my good friend. No Christian man can speak to the Griffin. He devours them all, but if you like, you can lie under his bed, and in the night, when he falls fast asleep, I’ll let you reach out and pull a feather from his tail. Meanwhile, I’ll see if I can ask him about those things you want to know.”

I rather liked having a human in the house after all this time!

Griffin’s Wife in The Griffin, Grimms

Griffin's Wife