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by Michelle Tocher

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Protective Godmother

I was heartbroken when I heard that the queen had died in childbirth. The poor king! He was beside himself with grief. He invited me to be the child’s godmother, and I rushed to the christening. I looked at that sweet elf in his cradle, and, right away, I named him Alphege and took him into my heart.

The king has since re-married, and his new wife has delivered a little boy. She is jealous and I suspect she will want to be rid of Alphege, so I am sending him a ruby. As long as he wears it, day and night, it will protect him from all attacks within his own kingdom.

If, however, Alphege goes beyond his father’s dominion, I do not know what power will protect him!

The Protective Godmother in Alphege, or The Green Monkey, Yellow Fairy Book