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Good Giant

Themes: Death | Departure | Legacy

My wife and I took in the little lad who calls himself Ring. We loved him for a while, but we were nearing the end of our lives. The time came when it was necessary to take Ring off the island. He wanted to bring our Dog Snati with him, which surprised me. We kept Snati in the parlor and told Ring not to go in there, because Snati is big Dog. He is a good Dog, but we thought Ring would fear him.

Ring and I went down the sea, got into a stone boat and sailed to the mainland. I told him that he may help himself to all our possessions after my wife and I die. He thanked me for my kindness, and then I returned home.

Two weeks have passed, and death is approaching. There will be no giants after us, not on our island. Like Snati, we were feared, but we were always good to the little people. We are leaving them with everything we valued.

Will they remember us?

The Good Giant in Prince Ring, Yellow Fairy Book. Illustration by H.J. Ford.

Good Giant