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by Michelle Tocher

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Geirlaug Forgotten

When our stepmother came after us, I turned myself into a whale and my beloved friend Grethari, into my fin. Our stepmother turned herself into a shark and we battled in the sea until the water ran red with blood. After a mighty struggle, we killed the shark and she floated to the surface.

I was so exhausted that I dragged my wounded body to a little bay and lay there, motionless, for three days. Then the wounds healed, and Grethari and I resumed our human forms.

Now Grethari has gone home. I warned him not to drink anything before he spoke with his father, but he didn’t heed my warning. Now I am sure he has forgotten me. He has forgotten everything we fought for.

Geirlaug Forgotten in Geirlaug the King’s Daughter, Olive Fairy Book