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by Michelle Tocher

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Galifron the Giant

I am as tall as a tower and I eat people the way a monkey eats chestnuts. I talk so loud that anyone who listens becomes deaf. What GREATER prince could there be? If that golden-haired princess does not marry me, I’ll lay waste to her country, carry her off, and do with her what I will!

It’s dinner time, so I go out through the forest, singing my song:

“Bring out your little boys and girls,
Pray do not stay to do their curls,
For I shall eat so very many,
I shall not know if they have any.”

Then I hear this voice echoing my tune, loud and shrill:

“Come out and meet the valiant Charming
Who finds you not at all alarming;
Although he is not very tall,
He’s big enough to make you fall.”

I look around me and see this little fellow standing in my path, sword in hand. How dare he mock my song and block my path! I swing at him with my iron club, but I can’t see him because a raven has landed on my head. It’s pecking out my eyes and beating me with its wings and getting me so confused and blinded that I can’t do anything but swing my club at the air.

Galifron the Giant in The Story of Pretty Goldilocks, Blue Fairy Book