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Forest Hut Where Food Is Free

I am a simple hut in the forest. I was useful to no one for a long time, except for the occasional band of robbers, or wanderers who happened by. Then one day, I was repaired. I was given a new door and a new window. I was cleaned from cellar to rafters. The hearth and the chimney were swept, and a pot was hung over the fire. Two long tables were made, along with benches. A little straw bed was placed in a back room, and the room was secured by a lock.

It dawned on me that I had become a place where travelers could stop for food and refreshment. I must say, though, I was puzzled by the sign that the carpenter nailed over the door: “Today Given, Tomorrow Sold.”

I didn’t like the sound of that. What did it mean?

The Forest Hut Where Food is Free in The Skillful Huntsman, Grimms