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Flying Horse

I would like to return home to my stable in the heavens. It’s on top of a high mountain, and twelve flying horses live there, including my twin brother. They are guarded and cared for by an old woman. The horses are sleek and majestic, except for my twin. At first glance he looks thin and wretched, but in fact he is the best of the lot. He can fly above the clouds!

As for me, I am not free. I am kept by a dragon man. He relies on my advice, and yet he rides me carelessly wherever he wills. One day he will ride me too hard, chasing something that he can’t catch.

What will happen to me then? I’m afraid I will fall to earth and break into a million pieces.

I could throw the dragon off, though. I could let him fall to pieces.

It’s unthinkable. But I do wonder. Will I ever be able to rid myself of being ridden?

Flying Horse in Nine Pea-Hens and Golden Apples, Violet Fairy Book. Picture by Dorothy Lathrop.

flying horse