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Fatima the Holy Woman

Themes: Death | Dread | Murder

God told me that I would die today, and so I will. I am not afraid.

While I am still in prayer, a wicked man enters my cell. He claps a dagger to my breast and orders me to rise. On pain of death he tells me to undress and give him my clothes. He colors his face to look like mine and puts on my veil. Then he murders me so that I will tell no tales.

Ah, but stories have their own lives!

I follow him in my spirit form. He goes to the palace of Aladdin, and when he arrives, the people think he is Fatima, the holy woman. They gather around him, kiss his hands and beg for his blessing.

Oh, I do not wish to know what evil work he will do under my veil, in my holy name!

Fatima the Holy Woman in Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp, Blue Fairy Book. Painting “Our Lady of Sorrows” by Simon Vouet.

Fatima the Holy Woman