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by Michelle Tocher

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Dismissive Eldest Brother

Now we know who has been eating our apples! A golden bird! My youngest brother tried to shoot it with a bow and arrow, but the bird got away. All he brought back was a feather.

My father wants the whole bird, so I said I would get it for him. At the entrance to the wood, I met a fox. I aimed my rifle, and he cried out, “Don’t shoot me!” He had advice. He said that I would come to a village and find two inns standing opposite to one another. I was not to go into the brightly lit inn, where people were enjoying themselves. I was to go into the other, even if it looked shoddy.

I thought that was very bad advice, so I pulled the trigger. I missed the fox, but I gave him a scare. He stretched out his tail and ran into the wood.

Dismissive Eldest Brother in The Golden Bird, Grimms