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Deserted Mastermaid

I sat by the seashore and waited for the prince to return. Waited. And waited. When I knew he wasn’t coming back, I walked on and came to a little hut which stood all alone in the woods. I knocked, and an ill-tempered, malicious old troll came to the door. I asked if I could stay with her for a little while. She refused.

She had no idea who she was dealing with. I used pretty words and offered her good payment, so she finally allowed me to enter.

Inside, the hut was as dirty as a pigsty, so I offered to smarten it up a little so that it might look like other people’s houses. The old crone did not like the suggestion. She scowled and became very cross. I ignored her. took out my chest of gold. and flung a couple of handfuls into the fire. Let the sparks fly where they may.

The gold boiled up and poured out over the whole hut, gilding every part of it, inside and out. When the gold began to bubble up, the troll grew so terrified that she fled the house as if the Evil One himself were at her heels. Alas, she forgot to stoop when she went through the doorway so she split her head open and died.

Next morning the sheriff came by. He was greatly astonished to see the gold hut shining and glittering in the copse, and still more astonished when I answered the door. He fell in love with me at once, and begged me to marry him. He would regret his attachment to me, I assure you.

The Deserted Mastermaid in The Mastermaid, Blue Fairy Book. Painting by John William Waterhouse.

Deserted Mastermaid