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by Michelle Tocher

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Crystal Fountain

I am a beautiful place in the deep forest. Some people consider me a holy place. They bury their treasure in my caverns, and I keep their secrets. Bathe in my waters and you will emerge refreshed as a newborn. Come back to me again and again.

A young woman has been coming to bathe in my crystal waters. She arrives wearing a tattered coat of catskins, covered in ashes and grease. When she first arrived, she was very sad, and her tears salted my waters. Now she has come to retrieve one of her treasures. After she bathes I watch her leave, wearing a coat made of pure silver.

Crystal Fountain, Catskin, English Fairy Tales Collected by Joseph Jacobs.

What does a holy body of water look like to you? Describe it with five different adjectives. How does that water make you feel?