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Crow Princess

I spend my nights in a ruined castle, where I live alone in the only habitable room. Terrible things happen at night, but I have promised not to scream or give any indication that I am terrified. Strange beings come down the passage and into the room. They set a huge pot of boiling water on the hearth and then they grab me and drag me into it. Just when I am sure of my death, the cock crows, and the strangers vanish. My friend the crow flies into the room and hops around with joy. He thanks me heartily and tells me that his sufferings are lessened every time I undergo these ordeals.

I have been doing this ever since I met the crow under the lime trees. The poor beast was all torn and bleeding, and he told me that he had been enchanted. He asked me if I would go to the ruined castle and brave the nights to help him break the spell he was under.

I have suffered many things to witness his joy, and soon the cry I hear will not be caw of crow but the cry of a prince. On that day my friend will be free.

The Crow Princess in The Crow, Yellow Fairy Book. Picture by Arthur Rackham.

Crow Princess