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by Michelle Tocher

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Themes: Crossroads | Wisdom

I am a crossroads in a great forest. Both my footpaths lead to the capital. One will take seven days and the other will take two days, but there are no signs to tell you which is which. How does one prepare?

A shoemaker and a tailor paused to discuss the matter. The tailor was inclined to trust God and go lightly, with only two days’ provisions, while the shoemaker went off to buy bread for a week.

Then the two travellers set off down the long path, hoping they’d chosen the short one.

The unburdened tailor trotted along with a light heart, and I felt for him. He thought that trusting God without any preparation would afford him special protection. Poor fellow! He would have a rougher road than most.

The Crossroads in The Two Travellers, Grimms. Painting by Caspar David Fredrich.