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by Michelle Tocher

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Craving Mother

How I wanted to get pregnant! I didn’t think I could, and then I conceived, thank God.

Now, every day, I sit by the window and look out over the gardens at the back of the house. Our neighbor has a glorious garden, full of beautiful flowers and herbs. Nobody can get into it, though, because the woman has built a high stone wall around it. People say she’s a sorceress with great power. Everybody lives in dread of her.

I can’t take my eyes off the rapunzel that grows in her garden. I want those greens. I need them. if I don’t get them, I’ll die.

I’ll get my husband to steal them for me. He he loves me, he’ll go over the wall. He’ll do it tonight.

Craving Mother in Rapunzel, Grimms. Painting by Conrad Kiesel.

Craving Mother