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Court Physician

“Here comes the Satin Surgeon! Look at the Satin Surgeon! Long live the Satin Surgeon!”

You would think it was Christ coming into town on his mule for all the fuss the people made when he arrived.

This “Satin Surgeon” claims to be able to heal the emperor’s illness. I doubt he can. We’ve tried everything and our Majesty is dying before our eyes.

I have to admit, however, I experienced a sliver of hope when I saw him riding to the palace. He was dressed from head to foot in pale blue satin, and he rode a white mule adorned with blue satin trappings.

When he came into the court, he declared that he was prepared to be burned alive if he failed to cure the emperor.

I thought, What do we have to lose?

The Court Physician in The Satin Surgeon, Olive Fairy Book. Painting by Fede Galizia.

Court Physician