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by Michelle Tocher

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Christopher the Smith

When I was in the bar having a few drinks, a few mates told me about the princess who lay dead in the church. The king needed a sentinel to stand guard over her. The men who did the watch were gone or dead by morning. In either case, they weren’t there to collect their hundred-dollar payments.

Well, I figured I could use a hundred dollars, so I put on a soldier’s uniform, and I presented myself to the king. I went into the church and kept my eyes on the coffin. It was no hardship, but then, come 11 o’clock, when I was good and sober, I started to worry. The worry built into fear, and I soon had an uncontrollable urge to run away. I looked everywhere for an escape, but the doors were all locked.

Christopher the Smith in The Princess in the Chest, Pink Fairy Book