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by Michelle Tocher

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Chattering Maidservant

When I was brushing the queen’s hair, I told her what I saw by the lake. A handsome man in a suit of green satin came down to the water and got in a boat. He rowed over to the island where the princess lives in her castle, out of the queen’s reach.

“She must have a suitor,” I said to the queen.

“Nonsense!” she hissed. I knew I had vexed her. She wants her own daughter to be married, but really, who would marry her? She’s ill-tempered and stupid (like her mother, dare I say.)

“Mind your own business, and stop chattering like a fool,” said the queen.

Then she became quite thoughtful while she hatched her plan.

Chattering Maidservant in The Green Knight, Olive Fairy Book