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Buried Moon

I heard the people on Earth whispering that Things that Dwell in Darkness go about doing harm on the three days when I do not shine.

It troubled me. So instead of taking my natural rest, I decided to come down to Earth and see for myself.

I wrapped my shining hair in a black cloak and hood, and came down to the bog edge. I looked around at the black water that swirled around tufts and snags. It was pitch dark but for the glimmer of stars on the water, and the light of my own shining feet peeking out from under my robe.

Trembling, I sprang from tuft to tuft, avoiding the greedy, gurgling water holes. Then my foot slipped. I grabbed a snag nearby to steady myself, and the moment I caught it, an evil rope twined around my wrists and gripped me in handcuffs. I pulled and twisted and fought, to no avail.

Then I heard the most pitiful cry. Someone was floundering in the mud. Through the darkness I saw a white face and two eyes round with fear. A man had strayed from the path and into the bog, and he was nearing the deep water hole where I had been caught. With all my might I struggled to release my wrists, and in the effort, my hood fell back. The light of my shining hair drove away the dark, and all the evil things fled back to the shadows. The man saw where he was. He saw how far he had strayed from the path. I rejoiced when he turned back, and for a moment I forgot that I had done nothing to help myself.

Buried Moon, The Buried Moon, English Fairy Tales, edited by Joseph Jacobs. Illustration by Edmund Dulac.