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by Michelle Tocher

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Buried Maiden

My brother and I hosted a stranger who came to our door one night. We offered him food and an evening’s rest.

He came to my room in the middle of the night and demanded my hand in marriage. I refused, and that is when I learned that he was an evil magician. He lay a great weight on my chest that paralyzed me. Then he locked me in a crystal coffin and buried me underground, along with my land, the animals, and the whole village. All our spirits have been locked in glass bottles and cases and hidden under the earth.

I lie here in the coffin, awake in a dark chamber. The magician will never possess me. One day I will be discovered. I will tell my story. Love will find me. Love always finds a way.

The Buried Maiden in The Glass Coffin, Grimms. Painting by Gustav Klimt.

Buried Maiden