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by Michelle Tocher

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Boy in a Haunted Temple

I set off into the world in search of an adventure. I didn’t want to return until I had done some great deed that made my name famous.

For a long time, I met nothing but a wild mountain, half-covered in dense forest. I made my way over huge rocks, and crossed wide, deep and fast rivers. All that effort only made my heart beat a little quicker in my chest, but I was not afraid until I entered a temple.

I went in and soon fell asleep in a warm corner. At midnight, I woke to a horrible clamor. When I peeked between the wooden pillars, I saw a troop of hideous cats dancing and yowling under the full moon. They were shrieking, “Don’t tell Schippeitaro! Keep it hidden and secret!”

Then they all vanished and left me alone, utterly exhausted.

Boy in a Haunted Temple in Schippeitaro, Violet Fairy Book. Picture by Kawase Hasui.