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by Michelle Tocher

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Blacksmith of Norroway

I live at the bottom of a glass hill. You can’t go around it. You have to go over it. I will make you a pair of iron shoes that will do the job. In exchange, however, I will ask you to serve me for seven years.

I watched a young woman come to the hill. She was sobbing and seeking a way over. She tried to climb on the glass but failed over and over again. When she found her way to my house, I gave her my offer. Seven years of service for a pair of shoes that will get you over the hill.

She was impatient and tired, but she agreed. I told her it takes longer than you think to climb a glass mountain, but you’ll never surmount it if you’re not willing to come and work for me.

The Blacksmith of Norroway in The Black Bull of Norroway, Blue Fairy Book. Painting by Pompeo Batoni.

Blacksmith of Norroway