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by Michelle Tocher

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Black Bull of Norroway

Themes: Confusion | Loss | Success

“Now, my Lady, you wait here,” I told her. It was a dark glen and not a place she was used to. Not like the castles where we had stayed with my relations. There was more I needed to tell my new wife. “Sit yourself on that stone,” I said. “And don’t move a hand or a foot until I come back, or I’ll never find you again.”

She promised to do just that, and then I said, “I’m going to fight the Devil. If everything around you turns blue, you’ll know I’ve beaten him. But if things should turn red, he’ll have conquered me.”

She sat on the stone, and I went off to deal with my enemy. I conquered him, and everything around her turned blue. But she must have crossed one foot over the other, because when I returned, I sought for her but never could find her.

The Black Bull of Norroway in The Black Bull of Norroway, Blue Fairy Book