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Bee Who Knows How to Help

Prince Ivan, he comes to pieces so easily!

He sat on a stone by the sea and wept while Baba Yaga’s mares stood in water up to their necks.

We herded them with our stingers. Ivan didn’t see a thing, he was so lost in his own torment.

After the sun set, I flew up to him and hummed in his ear. “Arise, Prince. The mares are all collected. Go home and don’t let Baba Yaga see you. Go to the stable and hide behind the mangers. There you’ll find a sorry colt rolling in the muck. Steal it, and in the dead of night ride away from the house.”

How did I know how to help him? It just came to me out of the sweetness I feel for Ivan.

Oh, Prince Ivan, you come to pieces so easily!

Bee Who Knows How to Help in Marya Morevna, Russian Fairy Tales Collected by W.R.S. Ralston.

Bee Who Knows How to Help

Who in your life inspires the sweetness of others? List five qualities of that person’s character. If those qualities created an atmosphere, what would the place look like?