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by Michelle Tocher

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Bandy-legged Boy

It’s a darn good thing I was a bandy-legged boy because otherwise, I would have been swallowed up by the mountain. It took all the other children in town. The only ones left outside were me, and my limping friend, and another boy who ran into the mountain just as it closed. We were all messed up but at least we were saved!

It happened on Sunday when our parents were in church. A man with a bagpipe stood out in the marketplace and piped the most magical tune. We were drawn out of our houses, caught up in a spell. He marched us out of town and all the way up to the base of the mountain. It was the strangest thing because you couldn’t break the spell. You had to go with him, and walk faster and faster, which is the reason I couldn’t keep up.

Now I tell my own children, there’s nothing wrong with being bandy-legged or getting a stone in your shoe, or even running into a wall. It’s a kind of grace to be slowed down, or stopped short. You never know how you’ve been spared, so thank your lucky stars.

Bandy-legged Boy, The Ratcatcher, Red Fairy Book. Illustration by Errol Le Cain.