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Astonished Cobbler

Times had become so lean that I could no longer afford the leather to make shoes. I had only enough material to make one last pair. That night, I cut out the shoes, intending to stitch them in the morning, and I went to bed. I had done everything I could as well as I could. I commended myself to God, and fell asleep.

When I went to work the next morning, I found the shoes sitting on the table, completed! I picked them up and turned them over, and there was not one bad stitch in them. A masterpiece! I had enough money to cut two pairs of shoes, and they were also finished overnight.

My fortune has changed now. I’m comfortably well-off. My wife and I wonder, who is this hidden partner, who so expertly finishes my shoes? We would like to thank him!

The Astonished Cobbler in The Elves, First Story, Grimms. Illustration by Rie Cramer.

Astonished Cobbler