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by Michelle Tocher

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Arbitrating Fairy Queen

When the good fairy Placida turned herself into an old woman to greet the queen on the roadside, the queen scolded the old woman because she didn’t curtsey deeply enough!

I was compelled to intervene. I rode in on my chariot, escorted by my fairy companions on their dragons. I ordered the haughty mortal queen to be turned into bronze. Gentle Placida begged for a milder sentence, and so I decreed that the queen should become a scullion girl for the fairies. I would not free her unless she bore a child to take her place.

Now the Placida has fallen in love with the queen’s new baby girl. She has drawn in her sisters to be godmothers and give the child all sorts of wonderful gifts. Enough is enough!

I will not stand for them rewarding the daughter of a mother who did not properly atone for her crime!

So once again, I have intervened. The fairy godmothers may ensure the child’s beauty and her cleverness, but I will place her in an enchanted tower in the midst of the sea. She shall not leave it until she finds herself in the arms of a lover whom she herself loves. I sincerely doubt that she will find such a lover, out there in her high sea tower.

The Arbitrating Fairy Queen in An Impossible Enchantment, Grey Fairy Book