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by Michelle Tocher

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All-Seeing Sun

Themes: Love | Power | Support

When my darling girl comes to see me, she has already come a long way. She has consulted the Wind, the Moon, and the Stars. They have given her the means to walk through the heavens.

She asks me if I have seen her beloved white wolf. Yes, I have seen him, I say (because I see everything.) Unfortunately, I also see that the wolf prince has chosen another bride. The marriage hasn’t happened yet, and so I give my darling the shoes that she will need to reach him and cross over the glass mountain.

I also give her a spinning wheel that spins moss into silk. The new bride won’t be able to resist it. She’ll trade her husband for the wheel because she likes new things better than anything she already has.

The All-Seeing Sun in The White Wolf, Grey Fairy Book. Painting by J.M.W. Turner.

All-Seeing Sun