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Airy Fairy Girouette

Yes, well you can call me Airy Fairy if you wish. Some people call me Inconstancy, but my formal name is Girouette. Yes, I think that’s it. I like to change my name. I’m never sure about anything. I have one idea, and then it is replaced by another, and I simply cannot decide which one is best. There are so many factors, and I can’t pin them down. I think I am too intelligent. That’s it. I am simply too intelligent. Or perhaps not….

Anyway, I have a prince in my charge. He’s a lovely young man, quite handsome. Since I am his fairy godmother, I must prepare him for his duties. How, though? Do I keep him ignorant of malice, and happy and contented, or do I burden him with all the responsibilities of running a government? Will the people be more reassured by a light-weight king or one who is weighed down by all the concerns of the world?

It’s too late now, anyway, because he has grown up and I have not properly trained him for anything. I think I will marry him off. With any luck, she’ll manage his affairs. In my opinion, Princess Diaphana would make a most suitable wife. She’s tall and willowy, and very light. In fact, she is so light that she can be easily blown away and must be tethered to the ground. Ah, but they will make such a lovely pair. Don’t you think?

Airy Fairy Girouette in Princess Minon-Minette, Pink Fairy Book