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by Michelle Tocher

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Aged Maiden Toupette

Themes: Captivity | Refusal

I am locked in a tower. My guardian, the genius Kristopo, has put me here because I have refused to marry him. I will never consent. I only love Cornichon. The fairies raised us together, and we are intended for one another.

However, terrible things have happened. The fairy Selnozoura took us to an island where we drank from a poisoned fountain. We were hot and the water was deliciously cool. How could we have known that the water would cause us to age, in a matter of days? Cornichon is no longer fourteen. He’s a handsome grown-up man, and I am beautiful woman, which is why Kristopo is so love-sick.

He won’t be for long, though. I am aging quickly. By the time Kristopo gets back here, I’ll be far too ripe for his taste.

The Aged Maiden Toupette in A Fairy’s Blunder, Grey Fairy Book