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Voices in Fairy Tales

by Michelle Tocher

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A Window in the Beast’s Castle

Themes: Escape | Oblivion | Purpose

I’m not a window to the outside world, though I may look like a window. I’m sealed off to the outside. I’m simply a window of entertainment, made for no other purpose than to amuse and distract a lonely girl.

There are seven of us in all in the entertainment room. We are covered in black curtains, and underneath each of us you will find a very comfortable chair. Take your seat and the show will begin! My curtain will roll to the side and you will see the most wonderful performances: plays and dances and humorous pantomimes performed by figures who are conjured out of the colored lights. We are designed purely for amusement and distraction. Our delights do not linger, and after a while, our audiences grow sleepy and wander into dreams and fantasies.

Beauty has seen behind all our curtains and she wants to see more, but as I said, we are not windows to reality.

A Window in the Beast’s Castle, Beauty and the Beast, Blue Fairy Book